the quick dorm room flash – gay navel shot of the week

Oh don’t even ask.

…We don’t know what college this is at either, but it is a pic of a pretty nice looking gayfratdorm boyfriend showing just his navel (and surroundings) but not his face. Yes, it’s a thing that goes all the way back to the previous version of the site. Some guys are just in it for the abs, so don’t even worry about what his face looks like.

We call these objects of their lust the Navel Boyfriends of the Week. And no: duh. Not Naval. Those would be sailors.

gay frat dorm boy flashing his navel

Follow the link at the bottom of this page for how you can send us a pic of your navel, and you could be eligible for $100 at the end of the year. And don’t worry if the pic has your face in it (some entries do.) We clip those out for this category: no faces allowed.


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