our top 5 most popular posts for 2014

It was a good “first year” with our new design.

5: smooth guy waking up in bed  (navel category)

4: the frat house bromance (a gayfratdorm select gallery)

3: latino studs barebacking on the beach (a gayfratdorm select gallery)

2: euro gays bareback (euro)

And our most popular post for 2014:

1: barebacking the newbie bottom (o-face)


For our 2014 roundup we are only looking at the end of August and forward to the end of 2014, as that is when we launched the Yet Again Once More New And Improved EasyBoyfriend site. Acutally this is on the the third (and we hope the best since our site began in (wait for it!) 1993(ish) on the old Compuserve network.

After that we made the move to our first host where for many years easyboyfriend.com was a “static” site, meaning that we put up fresh pages by hand every day.

After a (much too long) break, your site reappeared on August 21, 2014 (we tried to write down the date this time!) as the much improved easyboyfriend.com blog. By doing this, besides making it easier and quicker to get posts online, it’s let us grow from our original 4 categories to a few dozen categories that were popular on past easyboyfriend pages, as well as some started by popular request of our viewers.

And for those of you who might have missed (or overlooked) the fun the first time, the list above was our Top 5 most popular Easy Boyfriend and Gay Frat Dorm pages for 2014:






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