round pale white ass – gay boyfriend butt of the week

Here’s the roundest ass we saw in the month of December, and it’s a nice one.

This introduces a new category that we have some requests for: the pale skin gay boys. Of course, being pale of complexion goes across many categories of pics here, and we will hold out the best ones for you to put here. It’s also a tag, so you can now do a tag search on “pale” and you will see what we’ve added, starting with this cute butt shot.

As you can see it’s a selfie shot, but since he wasn’t showing his face, we couldn’t use it there. Just as well because he has an absolutely beautiful ass – if you like a guy with a very round, smooth butt.

And yes, don’t worry – we are looking for more hairy gay boyfriends we can add to our collection, too.

gay cam boy and his pale white ass in the mirror

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