gay news and info – the parts of a smoking pipe

A little smoking info for when you hit on a guy with a pipe.

We have a fairly large collection of estate pipes in our office (think of “estate” as being the opposite of a “new” pipe. Often collected from dad’s and grandpa’s estate, and restored for you to use, or for display.) Some guys collect and restore them, even though they might not smoke them.

So if you run into a guy in a bar or on the street with whom you want to seem a little smarter than average, here is a chart showing you the part names of a smoking pipe! If there’s enough interest, Aughra can also get you information on the types, shapes, and designs.

parts of a smoking pipe

It can get as nerdy as collecting stamps or rocks. In our case, though, we’re giving you this into in case you need a conversation starter with that hot guy who’s smoking his pipe.

Let us know if there’s more picking up guys conversation starters we can post for you. Our research boyfriends will get right on it.

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