a boy and his pipe – smoking gay boyfriend of the week

Can you tell from the picture what type of pipe he is smoking?

This is our first entry in a new category: Smoking boyfriend of the week. We don’t mean that as in your gay boyfriend is smokin’ hot, but instead that your boyfriend looks hot while he’s smoking.

It’s a category that some of you have asked for, so we are on the lookout for pics like these. This is the first one we’ve seen of a guy smoking a pipe who wasn’t the big, muscular, bear type. There are quite a few videos out of men like that smoking pipes and cigars while fucking.

The smaller cute boys like this seen to get stuck with cigarettes.

shirtless bay boy smoking a pipe outside

If this is your interest – whatever it is that you smoke –  you might send us over a selfie or two, and we will include that in our quest for the best self-photo of the year. (No 420 pictures until it’s approved in every state) You can read more on our Get paid $100 for your selfie page.

Have fun.

It looks to be a straight shank, apple-shaped bowl, smooth, and it looks like he chews on his bit. We could gladly teach him how to clean up that bit, if he would just sit around with his shirt off while we work. 😉


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