ready for the holdiay party – kissing gay boyfriends

There’s more than one way to learn if he’s the boyfriend for you.

Of course we are the land of ex- boyfriends, but this picture reminded us of how you find the keeper and/or when you learn that you’re ready for a keeper boyfriend yourself.

One of the favorite sayings we’ve heard about what it means to “grow up” as a gay man is this:

Showing up for the pride parade in leather and jocks isn’t gay pride. That honor of pride starts when you take your boyfriend to the company party.

Aughra remembers hers! Trust me – it’s a lot less stressful to do that nowadays. But that’s really a story for when we have the Vintage Gay pictures!

Have fun at the parties this season, and always remember to kiss and smile!

kissing gay boyfriends dressed up for the party  1



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