vintage gay fitness magazines – famous gay art

When throwaway art becomes gay classic.

In this week’s collection of vintage gay fitness magazines, we have one very nice edition of Body Beautiful that features a cover painting by George Quaintance called Bacchant. Notice the carefully-placed grape leaves because even in the 1950s, it wasn’t cool to have male nudity on the cover of a magazine, even if it was a painting.

This week’s Strength and Health goes back to 1945 and features a famous body builder on the front cover, this time in posing trunks that legitimizes the whole picture all the more. We just can’t figure out why he is so angry at the word “and.”

Finally, Adonis magazine from the very early 1960s with a blond muscle man on the front cover (Gary Frost) in the world’s tallest posing strap. On the back cover, 21 year-old model Don Scott is turned so that we can see just how well he fills out that little triangle of cloth.

Body Beautiful Magazine - Quaintance cover artstrength and health magazine - September 1945

Adonis magazine - July


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